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What is qkerPASS?

Patented & Patent Pending

Protected by patented Dynamic PKI End-to-End Encrypted Communication and patent-pending Action QR

Scan to Sign In

Scan a qkerPASS QR to sign in without entering user credential

Multi-Factor Sign In

Scan qkerPASS QR to sign in to your account without exposing your username and password




qkerPASS Scanned



Advanced Features

We packed qkerPASS with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, server security, dynamic code execution, profile blockchain, and 6-Form Factors to protect your users.

  • Profile Blockchain to eliminate hacking attempts
  • NO username and password
  • Access Analytics
  • Patented Dynamic PKI Encrypted End-to-End Communication

Affordable Prices

< 5,000 Users


per user per month
  • Unlimited Login
  • Full Reporting
5,000-49,999 Users


per user per month
  • Unlimited Login
  • Full Reporting
> 50,000 Users


per month
  • Unlimited Login
  • Full Reporting

Frictionless and Secured!

Protect your users from unauthorized access 24/7/365.
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Easy to use!

Artificial Intelligence

Detects and takes action on scanned QR

Easy Data Passing

Scan a qkerPASS to send information from your mobile device

Multi-Account Support

Supports multiple accounts with a single application

Full Analytics

Get full insights into your user's sign in behaviors

Full User Management

Manage your users from anywhere

Full API

Quickly integrate qkerPaSS with cut and paste API.